Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Behavior Management Tool

Ok so I wasn't quite sure that I liked the idea of having a behavior management tool on the computer as it isn't quite tangible for the kids, but I have shifted my views. This website is taking the place of your behavior charts or sticker charts. Even though there is no paper to be sent home at the end of each day, parents are still able see the status of their child's day. Parents are given a login code and are able to virtually "sign" that they have acknowledged. I definitely think there is a possibility for use of this in my classroom. 

Below is a link of directions on how to create an account. Also, take a look at this Bloggers 30-day challenge with 29 other Web 2.0 tools! 

Other Uses
Not only can this site be used in the educational context, it can also be used by parents for tracking their child's behavior at home. 

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