Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Writing Tool

 This is a really cute website! It is an online storybook that can really get a child interested in writing. Although aimed at primary students, I feel that even my third graders would enjoy this. Children illustrate and write a story, then upload their images and record the story using their own voice. To use this in the classroom, the teacher creates an account for themselves and then for their students. A great security feature is that the accounts can be made private or open.

This website really encourages creativity in a student from beginning to end. Once a child has finished their story, they can then share it!

Classroom Uses
Some suggestions I have gathered from the links below that I can see myself using in class are the following:

  •  each student in the class can create and add a page to the story 
  •  students can create a scrapbook like video/story that displays what they did in a Science project, or on a field trip (great way to share with parents that didn't get to chaperone!)
  • uploading pictures of a students culture to share with classes around the world  

Here are those links:

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