Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Social Voting Tool

I can really see myself using this website with my students, coworkers and classmates, and I am so excited! This website says that it is a social voting tool. How it works is a question is posted. It can then be shared with an audience who is able to share their thoughts on that topic. They can also respond to what others have said and even vote on comments or ideas that have been shared if they like or dislike.

The creators of this site aim to improve collaboration and I believe that they have achieved this. The teacher/questioner can easily see the results as can other participants. They call it 'crowdsourcing'. This term means that spectators contribute their thoughts allowing for a real feedback and idea sharing. I will give an example of how the creators used this tool in a later post. Stay tuned...

Educational Uses
This tool can be used in the classroom all the time. I can ask a question about what kind of prize my students want for good behavior. I could ask a question based upon the lesson that was taught that day. I even could use this as a way to spark a conversation for the staff at my school. If you ask a question of students, they give their response, other students are able to leave a comment on that previous posters comment. While planning to integrate the CCSS, I found that using would be a great way to evaluate MANY Language Arts topics...

  • predicting
  • synonyms
  • text features
  • ones personal point of view
  • chronology (sort of like a waterfall, each student can write the next event that happens)  

This tool is a really great way to collect ideas and thoughts from your audience. 

Here is what my first tricider looked like. It was aimed at asking a class partner for their opinion.

Here is another example of how I used Tricider with my Master's Class. I posted a question asking them to give an example of a telecollaborative project they has in mind. Here is a snapshot of what a few of them had to say.  
If you would like to take a look at the actual site that was created, click here to check it out for yourself.

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  1. Hey Karyn! This seems like an excellent website and I definitely never heard of it before. I posted a similar website which allows online polling, surveys, and quizzes called Polldaddy, but I really like the way this site allows users to add their own answers and arguments and then allows users to vote on their favorite responses. How motivating! I really like this and think I'm going to have to use this next year. I hope it's not blocked at AACPS! Thanks for sharing!