Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here is my example ( <-- click) that I made. It is about a trip that I took during Spring Break. I uploaded pictures from my computer. You also have the option of drawing your own using a program similar to Paint, but as I am not an art teacher I will spare you that pleasure. It was very simple to load pictures, type what I wanted, and record my voice. It also reminds you to save your work before moving on. It really took me about 5 minutes. I can definitely see my students being able to do something like this on their own.

This website is also collaborative. Children can start a story, save it and share it with others who will have access to it.

Some other features I like is the little bar in the top corner that tells you how much data space you have left. Another is the ability to purchase an MP4 of your tale. It does cost .99 but can be played on any device that plays MP4's.

Using littlebirdtales.com to create books covers a few standards in the CCSS. With regards to Writing, teachers can have students write narratives to develop events using technology and well-chosen details. It also uses technology to produce and publish writing to interact and collaborate with others. Following ISTE standards, littlebirdtales.com allows students to demonstrate creative thinking using technology and also as a support for individual learning.

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