Monday, June 18, 2012

An Organizational Tool

This is a great bookmarking website that enables you to share content with others, or for yourself for a later date and time. There are 3 options for use, and of course 1 is FREE! I will explain how to get started in just a second.

Once registering, choose a topic of interest. To test this out myself, I compiled a list of places that I am interested in purchasing for a summer home. I was able to send my link to my mom and husband so that they can view the listings as well, at their leisure. Here is a pic of what it looks like.

How do I Scoop?
Simple!  Download the bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar. Whenever you are on a site that you want to add to your list, simply click on the bookmarklet and follow the simple directions.

Educational Uses
So, you ask how can I use this in my classroom? A teacher can use this site to gather sources for a select topic and allow the students to use those links for their research. This helps you as the teacher know where the students are getting their information from and know that the sites they are visiting are safe. I have also used this site as part of a masters class. We each gathered websites and found that using this site allowed us to view what each other found instead of sending emails with sooo many links.

This is not just a site where the teacher is doing all the work. Students are able to scoop all on their own! They can collaborate with group members to gather relevant articles and data sources and put it all in one spot for a wide audience to view. Not to mention the simple newspaper look really adds a visual interest for students instead of just having words on a page.

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  1. This is very useful and so much better than Craigslist! Thank you for sharing.